Different Types of Toothache

One of the common problems faced by the patients after dental filling is toothache. This might happen as the sensitivity of the filled tooth increases after it is filled. In fact the pain might aggravate so one should be aware of how to reduce the pain which we would try to discuss in this post.

Recommendation by the dentist to get the tooth filled up might be given for curing the tooth which might have got damaged due to decay. Filling of the tooth will ensure the prevention of tooth decay and to ensure that the tooth’s normal shape and function is restored. It is not uncommon to have a tooth ache after it has been filled by the dentist. Toothache ranging from mild to severe velocity is often experienced by many people after their tooth are filled up. It has been observed that the tooth which has been filled has become very sensitive to various elements like cold and sweet foods, pressure, air etc. However it has been also observed that generally the sensitivity as well as the tooth aches gets cured automatically within a few weeks time.

Types of Toothache

Types of Toothache

There are various types of toothache after the tooth is filled up. We would be discussing some of these in this section.

Pain around the filled up tooth: One must immediately consult his or her dentist if one feels the increase in pain around the tooth filling area. The root cause of this would be because the tooth’s cavity was not filled up properly.

Pain while biting: One might experience this type of pain when one bites the food. This type of pain is generally experienced after the effect of anesthesia has worn off and this type of pain might persist for some time. The reason for such immediate pain after biting food might be because the tooth filling was not shaped in a proper manner. Biting onto something puts pressure because the tooth feeling then interferes with the bite made.

Pain when teeth come in contact with one another: This pain occurs when the two teeth come in contact with each other. The reason for this type of pain is two metal surfaces touch each other. Usually this type of pain gets cured on its own automatically but if they don’t, one should immediately consult his or her dentist.

Referred toothache: In this type of tooth ache, the patient feels the pain in the tooth besides the one which has been filled. In such cases, it means that the tooth has been filled up properly and this type of pain gets cured on its own.

Constant toothache: When the decay’s depth reaches till the pulp of the tooth, one might experience toothache constantly particularly when one eats and it might persist for a few weeks after the tooth is filled. However this type if constant toothache indicates that the tissue has become unhealthy and one needs to get it cured by doing a root canal procedure.

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The toothache after a tooth filling generally lessens within a week or a fortnight. One should not panic if one experiences mild tooth ache after filling which is nothing to worry about. If the toothache does not subside within this period, one must then consult the dentist to get it cured,